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Developing a Novel and Convenient Model for Investigating Sweat Gland Morphogenesis from Epidermal Stem Cells

Figure 2

Comparison of sweat gland development between in vivo and in vitro. Sweat glands demonstrated similar developmental characteristics in vitro with those in vivo. (a) Comparison of sweat gland morphogenesis between in vivo and in vitro by H&E staining. Square with dotted line showed the region of sweat gland. Square with line in the left lower part of each picture was the enlargement of dotted square. Irregular histological structure was observed in tissue culture at days 4 and 5 (μm). (b) Immunofluorescent staining of K5 and K14 in tissue culture (in vitro) and comparison with embryonic tissue (in vivo) at corresponding time points. All the nuclei were counterstained with DAPI (DAPI: blue; K5, K14: red) (μm). (K5: cytokeratin 5, K14: cytokeratin 14).