Research Article

Skeletal Muscle Resident Progenitor Cells Coexpress Mesenchymal and Myogenic Markers and Are Not Affected by Chronic Heart Failure-Induced Dysregulations

Figure 5

Differentiated myotubes do not differ significantly between HD- and HF-derived skeletal muscle progenitor cells. (a) At day 7 after stimulation, myotubes were stained for the expression of MyHC with an antibody that recognizes the heavy chain of myosin II (MF20) and markers of slow MYH7 and fast MYH1/MYH2 fibers. Nuclei were labelled with DAPI (blue). Representative images are given for both HF- and HD-derived samples. Scale bars represent 50 μm. (b) Fusion coefficient is calculated as a percent of nuclei incorporated in MF20+ myotubes at day 7 after stimulation, and it does not differ between HD- and HF-derived samples. (c) mRNA expression analysis was performed for key markers of muscle development and metabolism for both HF- and HD-derived samples.