Research Article

Pretreatment with AM1241 Enhances the Analgesic Effect of Intrathecally Administrated Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Figure 1

Inhibition of AM1241-pretreated BMSCs via the i.t. route on CCI-induced neuropathic pain behavior. (a) Prolonged analgesia of mechanical allodynia and (b) thermal hyperalgesia for 3 weeks after the treatment with i.t. injection of AM1241-pretreated BMSCs, given 5 days after CCI. , , and versus the sham group; , , and versus the CCI group; , , and versus the AM1241-pretreated BMSC group; mice/group. Arrows in (a) and (b) indicate the time of BMSC, AM1241, and BMSCs pretreated with AM1241 injections. (c, d) Rotarod test for the evaluation of motor function at day 10 after CCI; mice/group.