Research Article

Pretreatment with AM1241 Enhances the Analgesic Effect of Intrathecally Administrated Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Figure 2

Inhibition of p-ERK1/2 in the DRGs and spinal cord dorsal horn after treatment. (a) Timeline indicating the time of BMSC, AM1241, and BMSCs pretreated with AM1241 (CCI day 5) and tissue collection (CCI day 12). (b–e) Inhibition of CCI-induced upregulation of p-ERK1/2 by i.t. injection of BMSCs pretreated with AM1241 (5 days after CCI) in the DRGs (b, c) and in the spinal dorsal horn (d, e) at CCI day 12. Quantification of p-ERK1/2 staining in the DRGs (c) and in the spinal dorsal horn (e). Scale bar for (b), 50 μm; scale bar for (d), 100 μm. , , and versus the sham group; , , and versus the CCI group; , , and versus the BMSCs pretreated with AM1241 group; mice/group.