Research Article

The Impact of Various Culture Conditions on Human Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Metabolism

Figure 1

Influence of different media supplements on MSC behaviour. Analyses of MSCs cultivated in media with heat-inactivated FBS (iFBS) and platelet releasate (PR-SRGF): (a) doubling time of MSC during first 48 h of cultivation; (b) long-term proliferation of MSCs during 42 days of cultivation; (c) CFU-F and colony morphology during first 48 h of cultivation (white bars correspond to 232 μm); (d) ATP production rate (pmol/min/cells) and % of glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation after 24 h of cultivation ((a–d) + (f) in 10% iFBS and 7.5% PR-SRGF; (e) in 10% non-iFBS and 7.5% PR-SRGF). Statistical analysis was done by one factor ANOVA () with post hoc Fischer LSD test (95% confidence interval was determined to verify the similarity/comparability of samples with a nonsignificant difference).