Table 6: Amount of polyamino acids (see (5)) on PIII-treated polyethylene immediately after incubation (as attached) and after SDS washing (except for Poly-l-tryptophan, Poly-L-arginine, Poly-DL-alanine, and Poly-L-isoleucine as described in the text). The average error bar for the polyamino acid amount is 0.0005.

AminoacidPolyaminoacidSide-chain groupsAs
After detergent washing

GlycinePoly-L-glycine (in buffer)–CH20.00920.0025
Alanine Poly-DL-alanine (in acetone)–CH30.00740.0074
Isoleucine Poly-L-isoleucine (in acetone)0.0160.016
Similar to:

Lysine Poly-l-lysine (in buffer)–CH20.00770.0073
Arginine Poly-L-arginine (in DMFA)–NH20.0140.014

Histidine Poly-l-histidine (in buffer)–NH–0.0160.013

Tryptophan Poly-l-tryptophan (in acetone)–NH–0.01710.0087

Tyrosine Poly-l-tyrosine (in buffer)–OH0.00220.0002
Threonine Poly-L-threonine (in acetone)–CH=0.0110.011

Glutamic acid Poly-l-glutamic acid (in buffer)–CH20.00020.0002
Similar to:
Aspartic acid

Methionine Poly-L-methionine (in acetone)–CH20.0250.025
Similar to: cystein