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Chronic Heart Failure: We Are Fighting the Battle, but Are We Winning the War?

Table 2

Studies reporting the proportion of chronic heart failure patients that achieved target doses of beta blockers in “real-world” practice.

StudyAverage age (years)Eligible patients only included*Patients with documented contraindications or intolerance excludedPercentage that achieve target dose

Tandon et al. 2004 [137]a69NoNo18%
(24% 1998–2001)
Franciosa et al. 2004 [130]b67YesYes27% (primary care)
49% (cardiology)
Mehta et al. 2004 [134]b67YesYes7%
Jain et al. 2005 [135]b64NoNo<25%
Gustafsson et al. 2007 [132]b69YesNo21%
Lainscak et al. 2007 [136]b65NoYes26%
Fonarow et al. 2008 [128]b70YesYes8%, 18%
Calvert et al. 2009 [124]a78NoNo12%
Driscoll et al. 2011 [133]a67NoNo36% (usual care)
48% (nurse-led)

Eligibility generally defined as patients with heart failure associated with moderate to severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction.
aProportion taking target dose based upon all patients taking beta blockers.
bProportion taking target dose based upon all patients (including patients taking and patients not taking beta blockers).