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Review Article

Childhood Asthma: Diagnosis and Treatment

Table 1

Characteristics of episodic viral wheeze and of multiple trigger wheeze.

Episodic viral wheezeMultiple trigger wheeze

DefinitionWheezing during discrete time periods, often in association with clinical evidence of a viral coldWheezing that shows discrete exacerbations but also symptoms between episodes

TriggersViral infectionsViral infections, tobacco smoke, allergen exposure, mist exposure, crying, and exercise

Possible underlying factorsPreexistent impaired lung function, tobacco smoke exposure, prematurity, and atopyEosinophilic inflammation?

Continuing treatment with ICSLittle or no benefitSignificant fewer days with symptoms

Treatment with montelukastModerate benefitModerate reduction in exacerbations

Long-term outcomeDeclines over time (<6 yrs) may continue into school age as episodic viral wheeze and may change into multiple trigger wheezeMay continue into adulthood as asthma