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The Reporter System for GPCR Assay with the Fission Yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Figure 3

Comparison between cyr1Δ and cyr1+ strains harboring the reporter plasmid. The cells were exposed to 1 μM of P-factor in the presence of nitrogen (a) and the absence of nitrogen (b) and were taken every hour (0–6 h) or six hours (6–12 h). Filled circle depicts OSP210-2 (sxa2Δ, cyr1+, pAL7-Umam2-GFP-LPI) +P-factor, open circle depicts OSP210-2 −P-factor, filled square depicts OSP210-17 (sxa2Δ, cyr1+, pAL7-Usxa2-GFP-DSPBC4.01) +P-factor, open square depicts OSP210-17 −P-factor, filled triangle depicts OSP220-2 (sxa2Δ, cyr1Δ, pAL7-Umam2-GFP-LPI) +P-factor, open triangle depicts OSP220-2 −P-factor, filled diamond shape depicts OSP220-17 (sxa2Δ, cyr1Δ, pAL7-Usxa2-GFP-DSPBC4.01) +P-factor, and open diamond shape depicts OSP220-17 −P-factor. The values were the means of triplicate determinations from a typical experiment.