Research Article

Comparative Analysis of the Full-Length Genome Sequence of a Clinical Isolate of Human Parainfluenza Virus 4B

Table 1

Key genetic features of three fully sequenced hPIV-4B strains.

Virus designationSKPIV-468–33304-13

Genbank accession numberEU627591AB543337JQ241176.1
cRNA genome length17,361 bp17,304 bp17,304 bp
Leader sequenc>55 nt?55 nt55 nt
First 20 nt of viral genome complimentary to terminal 20 nt?NoYesYes
Putative 3′ peptide?nt 52–75nt 52–75
ORF 1 NP551 aa551 aa551 aa
nt 155–1,810nt 101–1,756nt 101–1,756
CTAAGAT in 1st intergenic region YesYesYes
ORF 2 399 aa399 aa399 aa
nt 2,096–3,293nt 2,041–3,238nt 2,041–3,238
229 aa229 aa229 aa
nt 2,096–2,785nt 2,041–2,730nt 2,041–2,730
CAGAAGTA in 2nd intergenic regionYesYesYes
ORF 3 M382 aa382 aa382 aa
nt 3,589–4,737nt 3,531–4,670nt 3,531–4,670
AGAGCCA AATAC in 3rd intergenic region
ORF 4 F543 aa543 aa543 aa
nt 5,232–6,863nt 5,174–6,805nt 5,174–6,805
CTATTAT follows poly A in 4th intergenic regionYesYesYes
ORF 5 HN579 aa574 aa574 aa
nt 7,563–9,302nt 7,506–9,230nt 7,506–9,230
ORF 6 L2,279 aa2,279 aa2,279 aa
nt 10,025–16,864nt 9,970–16,809nt 9,970–16,809

eader sequence as defined by Komada et al. [6].