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LIS1 and DCX: Implications for Brain Development and Human Disease in Relation to Microtubules

Figure 1

Schematic presentation of progenitors in the developing cerebral cortex. Radial glia cells (RGCs) extend their processes from the ventricular zone (VZ) to the pial surface. These cells proliferate in a symmetrical fashion to produce additional RGC or asymmetrically to produce a progenitor and a multipolar cell (MPC), which may be either a postmitotic neuron or an intermediate progenitor (IP), which can further divide in the subventricular zone. The VZ contains additional short neuronal progenitors (SNP). In the SVZ and the outer SVZ (OSVZ), an additional type of progenitors was described, basal radial glia (BRG), which lack the connection to the ventricle. A bipolar migrating neuron (MN) is moving towards the intermediate zone (IZ).