Table 1: Alternative Healthy Eating Index for Pregnancy (AHEI-P)a scoring method and mean AHEI-P scores for 893 women in the Infant Feeding Practices Study II.

ComponentCriterion for minimum (0)Criterion for maximum (10)Mean score ± SD

Vegetables, servings/d0≥5
Whole fruit, servings/d0≥4
Whole grains, g/d075
Sugar-sweetened beverages, servings/d≥10
Nuts and legumes, servings/d0≥1
Red/processed meat, servings/d≥1.50
trans Fat, % of energy≥4≤0.5
Long-chain fats (EPA + DHA), mg/d0250
PUFA, % of energy≤2≥10
Sodium, mg/dHighest decileLowest decile
Calcium, mg/d0≥1200
Folate, mcg/d0≥600
Iron, mg/d0≥27

The AHEI-P score was adapted from Rifas-Shiman et al. 2009 and Chiuve et al. 2012 [15, 16]; out of 130 points.