Table 3: Approaches to increase ascorbic acid content or redox state through increasing MDAR expression.

SpeciesTissueSubcellular location Gene sourceFold increase in AscFold increase in Asc redox stateConsequence of increasing MDAR expressionReference

TobaccoLeavesCytosolArabidopsis1.21.3No change in aluminum tolerance[183]
TobaccoLeavesCytosolArabidopsis2.22.2 to 3Enhanced tolerance to ozone and salt stress[191]
ArabidopsisLeavesChloroplastTomato1.22.2Enhanced tolerance to low- and high-temperature stress; enhanced tolerance to oxidative stress[192]
TomatoFruitCytosolTomatoNo changeNot reportedNo increase in Asc content in leaves or green fruit[189]