Table 4: Processes of the model.

Process symbolMeaning Unit

W RESCO2 released from respiration of plants in wetland ecosystemg CO2
F RESCO2 released from respiration of wetland plants in forest ecosystemg CO2
AQUACULTURECO2 released from marine aquaculture industryg CO2
PCCO2 released from the use of private cars on the islandg CO2
DESALINATIONCO2 released from seawater desalinationg CO2
SHOPPINGCO2 released from tourist shoppingg CO2
WACO2 released from tourist water activity that used fossil fuels-driven motorsg CO2
VISITINGCO2 released from tourist sight-seeing on the islandg CO2
FISHINGCO2 released from tourist offshore anglingg CO2
HOTELCO2 released from tourist accommodation (hotel)g CO2
PHCO2 released from tourist accommodation (private home)g CO2
FERRYCO2 released from ferries that connect the island and outsideg CO2
RMCO2 released from tourist transportation by rental motorcycles on the islandg CO2
CARCO2 released from tourist transportation by private car on the islandg CO2
SSBCO2 released from tourist transportation by small shuttle bus on the islandg CO2
W PHOCO2 captured by wetland plants through photosynthesisg CO2
F PHOCO2 captured by forest plants through photosynthesisg CO2
ADSORPTIONCO2 captured by soil respirationg CO2
SGCO2 captured by mussel for shell growth during aquacultureg C
DECOMPOSITIONCarbon entering the soil from forest vegetation litterg C
WETCH4 RELEASECH4 released from wetland ecosystemg CH4
UNUSED CH4CH4 released from solid waste landfill that are not collected for further useg CH4
WASTECH4 released from solid waste landfillg CH4
LITTER TO SEACarbon entering marine ecosystem from wetland plant litterg C