Table 5: Summary of the parameter symbols used in the model and the resources of the data. (SR = statistic report; FS = field survey; Q = questionnaire; R = reference.)

Abbreviation MeaningUnitSource

Aqu areaAquaculture area of musselkm2SR
Ads rAdsorption rate of soil carbon poolG Cm−2yr−1R [12]
Car rPossessing rate of private car%SR
CE AQUCO2 released from aquaculture industryg CO2km−2FS
CE CARCO2 released from small private car per kmg CO2km−1FS
CE DESALINATIONCO2 released through the desalination per ton of sea waterg CO2t−1FS
CE FERRYCO2 released from ferry per kilometerg CO2km−1FS
CE FISHINGCO2 released from sea fishing per hourg CO2hr−1FS
CE MOTOCO2 released from motor bicycle per kmg CO2km−1R [13]
CE HOTELCO2 released from hotel per dayg CO2/nightR [13]
CE PhCO2 released from private house per dayg CO2/nightR [13]
CE SHOPPINGCO2 released from tourist shopping per tourist per timeg CO2/visitorR [13]
CE SSBCO2 released from small shuttle busg CO2km−2FS
CE VISITINGCO2 released from cultural tourism activitiesg CO2hr−1R [14]
CE WACO2 released from water tourism activitiesg CO2hr−1FS
CH4 UNUSE RUnused rate of CH4 released from solid waste%SR
Dec rDecomposition rate of forest litterfallg Cm−2yr−1R [14]
Dis ferryAverage driving distance of ferrykmSR
Forest areaCoverage rate of forest%SR
F growthGrowth rate of forestg Cm−2yr−1R [14]
F re rRespiration rate of forestg Cm−2yr−1R [14]
Growth rGrowth rate of musselg Cm−2yr−1FS
NINumber of inhabitants/SR
NVNumber of visitors/SR
Hotel rProportion of tourists choosing hotel%Q
Ph rProportion of tourists choosing private home%Q
Moto rProportion of tourists renting motorcycles on the island for transportation%Q
Pc rPortions of tourists driving private cars on the island for transportation%Q
Ssd rPortions of tourists taking small buses on the island for transportation%Q
PCH4 WASTECH4 released from solid waste of per kilogramg CH4kg−1R [13]
Pd motoAverage driving distance of motorcycles per daykmQ
Pd pcAverage driving distance of private carskmQ
Pd ssdAverage driving distance of small buseskmQ
Per wasteAverage solid waste generated by per personkgSR
Per WCAverage amount of freshwater consumed by per person per daytSR
RadeAverage solar radiationMJ m−2yr−1R [14]
SD1Proportion of tourists stay for one day%Q
SD2Proportion of tourists stay for two days%Q
SD3Proportion of tourists stay for three days%Q
SD4Proportion of tourists stay for four days%Q
SD5Proportion of tourists stay for more than five days%Q
SHELL C RProportion of carbon in per kilogram mussel%FS
W growth rGrowth rate of wetland plantsg Cm−2yr−1R [15]
W re rRespiration rate of wetland plantsg Cm−2yr−1R [15]