Research Article

Improving Urban Water Environment in Eastern China by Blending Traditional with Modern Landscape Planning

Table 1

Sampling site conditions.

LocaleLongitudeDimensionalityArea/haDept/mLake and revetment formPollution level

Flora lake31°59′23.84N118°46′48.85
5.620The lake is rectangular in shape, with a narrow distance in E-W direction.
On average, its width is 200 m. Most of the revetments are in natural way.

The Couple park32°04′16.98N118°48′22.69
101The revetments are in natural way. The way the grassy slope extends into the water to make the revetments is used.III

Xuanwu lake (Xuanwu men)32°04′18.38N118°47′25.84
3781.4The lake is rhombus in shape, with 15 km in circumference, 24 km in S-W direction and 2.0 km in E-W direction. The revetments are hard on the periphery and natural in the central island.IV

Mochou lake32°02′05.91N118°45′19.36
0.371The lake is triangle in shape, with 6 km in circumference. The revetments are mostly made of hard materials, such as rocks.III

South lake park32°01′51.08N118°45′22.44
101.5The lake is ellipse in shape. Its revetments are mostly made of soil or hard materials and natural revetments are very few.IV

Yueya lake32°01′57.66N118°49′29.71
17.22The lake is of North-South trend, with the water from Waiqinhuai river. The revetments, which are single in form, are made of hard materials.III

Qinhuai lake-egret island park32°01′16.09N118°47′06.95
3.81.5The lake is scattered, and the size of the lake is quite significant. The revetments consist of hard form mainly, with some natural forms such as the grass and rock.IV

Dongshuiguan heritage (Qinhuai lake)32°01′28.68N118°47′37.57
1.551.1The lake attaches to the Qinhuai river and its waterfront is hard revetment.IV

Xianlin Lake32°07′44.82N118°58′41.28
182The lake is just like a goose web, and the waterfront is in natural form which extends the grassland into water.II

Yangshan park32°06′24.76N118°56′05.23
311.5The lake makes a water circle by linking with Xihu park and Jiuxianghe wetland reserve. The revetment consists of hard form mostly.III

Nanjing seven-bridge urn ecological wetland park32°00′27.97N118°50′08.58
1.21.7The lake is rectangle, and the revetment is hardening by gravel and cement.IV

5.332The size of the lake is just like a tadpole; the revetment was done in a natural way. Some of it is grassland-into-water, and some of it is in rock form.IV

Zixia lake32°03′41.50N118°50′23.10
4.71.2The surface is just like a block. Most of revetment is in artificial hard form with a little natural form.III

Xiuqiu park32°05′32.24N118°44′20.71
3.62The lake is trapezoid with plenty of hardening revetment and little rock form.III

Foshou lake32°06′18.00N118°38′35.97
351.5The lake is just like a hand, with hard and natural revetment combination.II