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Research Article

A Secure Incentive Scheme for Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks Using Cryptocurrency

Table 3

Comparison of the characteristics of the proposed system with the previous systems.

Lee et al. [3]Zhu et al. [15]Lu et al. [16]proposed

network servicesimple broadcastdtndtnvdtn

trust modelcentralized authoritycentralized virtual bank (VB)centralized (VB)distributed (blockchain)

fault toleranceweakweakweakstrong

fairnessescrow held by the authorityescrow held by the VBescrow held by the VBmultisig and timelock script on a blockchain

incentive meansvirtual coin, application dependentvirtual coin, application dependentreputation, virtual coin, application dependentBitcoin, worldwide

payment contractsigned receipt by a receiverlayered credits by sender, forwarder, receiver in sequencelayered creditsBitcoin transaction script

rewardingexchange receipt to virtual cash through the authoritycredit clearance through the VBcredit clearance through the VBBitcoin payment

identitycertificatecertificatecertificateBitcoin public key (address)