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Research Article

A Secure Incentive Scheme for Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks Using Cryptocurrency

Table 4

Comparison of the incentive procedures to perform virtual coin rewarding.

VANETVB / Blockchain

Zhu et al. & Lu et al.(1) generate a base layer credit(2) check the validity of the base layer credit
(3) generate and add its endorsed layer credit
(4) check the validity of the layered credits
(5) generate and add its endorsed layer credit
(6) send and request clearance of the credits to VB
(7) check the validity of the all layered credits
(8) check sender’s balance
(9) record amount of coin in forwarder’s account

proposed(1) publish incentive transaction to blockchain network
(7) publish withdraw transaction to blockchain network
(4) query the validity of the incentive transaction to Bitcoin network
(7) publish redemption transaction to blockchain network
(6) sign forwarder’s redemption transaction(2), (8) validate the incoming transaction
(5) respond to the transaction query
(3), (9) add the transaction to a blockchain