Table 3: Comparison of various log-based public-key infrastructures based on certificate, audit log, security, deployability, and efficiency metrics. Entries underlined indicate major disadvantages of the corresponding scheme.

LogLogIntegrated Log ServerIntegrated Log ServerCertificate Log MaintainerLog ServerLog Server
MonitorMonitorValidatorValidator (Optional)-AuditorAuditor

Self-signed Certificate Support
Certificate Revocation Support×

Audit Log Properties
Proof of Presence
Proof of Absence×
Proof of Extension×××
Proof of Currency×
Tree Type Chron Lex Lex Chron, Lex Lex Chron, Lex

MitM AttackDetection Prevention Prevention Prevention Prevention Prevention
Multi Domain Certificate××
Certificate Revocation×
Formal Security Proof×××
No. of compromised parties for MitM1/12/31/12/3
Domain Key Recovery××
Client Connection Privacy×
Intermediate CA Discovery×××××
CA Certificate Revocation×××××

Client-side-changes Required
Server-side-changes Required

TLS-con-setup Add. Bandwidth BytesKBKBKBKBKB
TLS-con-setup Extra Latency
End User Additional Action