The article titled “Quantum-to-the-Home: Achieving Gbits/s Secure Key Rates via Commercial Off-the-Shelf Telecommunication Equipment” [1] copied substantial parts of our previous publications without properly citing the source. In our previous publications we clearly described the mathematical model of our RF-subcarrier-assisted four-state continuous-variable QKD (CV-QKD) system, as well as the phase noise cancellation (PNC) stage [2, 3]. While the article [1] copied our work without properly citing it, they cited one of our articles in an unremarkable position in Section 3 and put the core mathematical model and PNC model in the appendix, like their creative work. As an illustration, Figure 2 in their article can be found as Figure 1 of [2]. However, they attributed the PNC stage to their previous conference paper [4], which was presented in June 2017, well after the articles [2, 3] were published. Further, the derivations in Appendices A and B are copied from [2] with some small changes.

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