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VHDRA: A Vertical and Horizontal Intelligent Dataset Reduction Approach for Cyber-Physical Power Aware Intrusion Detection Systems

Table 4

A comparison between the VHDRA vertical reduction and the other existing approaches.

Binary class Triple class Multiclass
Size: 81,664 MB, 128 featuresSize: 81,669 MB, 128 features Size: 78,963 MB, 128 features

ApproachNo. of featuresDetection rate (%)No. of featuresDetection rate (%)No. of featuresDetection rate (%)

VHDRA (PSO+ EPA)15 99.21 14 98.91 18 97.03
(9.57MB) EPA Accu. gain:0.83(8.93MB) EPA Accu. gain:0.90(11.10MB) EPA Accu. gain: 3.0

VHDRA (PSO)1798.381998.012294.03

NNGE (CFS)2894.682894.622887.77



Random Forest2896.772896.772890.41