Research Article

Manual Characterization of Sleep Spindle Index in Patients with Narcolepsy and Idiopathic Hypersomnia

Table 2

(a) PSG data from narcoleptics and idiopathic hypersomniacs. (b) Intragroup comparison of sleep spindle index in 1st epochs of N2 sleep to last 50 epochs of N2 sleep.

PSG variable8 patients with narcolepsy
Mean ± SD
8 patients with idiopathic hypersomnia
Mean ± SD
Mann-Whitney values

Total sleep time 0.036
Wake after sleep onset 0.372
Sleep efficiency 0.674
N1 % 0.793
N2 % 0.345
N3 % 0.294
REM sleep % 0.027*
Sleep spindle index: 1st 50 epochs of N2 0.001*
Sleep spindle index: last 50 epochs of N2 0.001*
Sleep spindle index: 100 epochs of N2 0.001*

PSG: polysomnogram; REM: rapid eye movement sleep; SD: standard deviation. value less than 0.05.


N: 1st 50 epochs
N: last 50 epochs

IH: 1st 50 epochs
IH: last 50 epochs

N: narcolepsy group; IH: idiopathic hypersomnia group.