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Secondhand Smoke Exposure, Restless Sleep, and Sleep Duration in Adolescents

Table 2

Odds ratios (OR) for reporting more frequent restless sleep by frequency of SHS exposure among a sample of adolescents ( ,466).

Overall SHS exposure in the past month (versus never)cRestless sleepa
OR (95% CI)
Full modelb
OR (95% CI)

Never (reference)
At least once in the past month (low)1.69†† (1.19–2.40)1.53* (1.08–2.16)
At least once a week (medium)2.01†† (1.39–2.89)1.76 (1.22–2.53)
Every day or almost every day (high)3.05†† (2.00–4.67)2.51†† (1.59–3.98)

CI: confidence interval.
aOrdered categories for increasing amounts of restless sleep are rarely or none of the time (<1 day per week), some or a little of the time (1-2 days per week), occasionally or a moderate amount of the time (3-4 days per week), and most or all of the time (5–7 days per week).
bAdjusted for age, gender, ethnicity, subjective family income, and smoking status (smoked in the past 30 days).
cNever was used as reference group.
Based on the test of parallel lines, the proportional odds assumption was held for all models.
* ; ; †† .