Research Article

“Are We in Sync with Each Other?” Exploring the Effects of Cosleeping on Heterosexual Couples’ Sleep Using Simultaneous Polysomnography: A Pilot Study

Table 1

Subjective and objective sleep measures during single sleep and cosleep.

Mean SD

Sleep protocols
 Subjective sleep time (min)287.5341.1113.082.10.007
 Feeling recovered (from not at all (1) to very (5))
 Morning condition (from depressed (1) to lighthearted (6))
 Morning condition (from feeling run down (1) to refreshed (6))
 Morning condition (from tense (1) to relaxed (6))

 Total sleep time (min)324.5358.
 Sleep efficiency (%)75.183.719.211.30.004
 N1-latency (min)21.522.79.810.70.734
 N2-latency (min)39.729.221.811.00.034
 N3-latency (min)52.741.424.113.70.045
 REM-latency (min)147.6113.693.064.10.113
 N1-percentage (%)16.112.611.06.30.083
 N2-percentage (%)45.941.811.06.30.077
 N3-percentage (%)25.828.
 REM-percentage (%)12.317.
 Number of awakenings 21.822.
 Number of awakenings/hour4.

Note. values < 0.05 are in boldface; value of paired, two-tailed t-tests (single sleep versus cosleep).