Surgery Research and Practice / 2017 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Diagnosis and Management of Intraoperative Colorectal Anastomotic Leaks: A Global Retrospective Patient Chart Review Study

Table 1

Summary of patients’ demographic and disease characteristics.


Age (years)
 Mean (SD)64.5 (9.7)

Gender, (%)
 Female167 (36.5%)
 Male291 (63.5%)

Race, (%)
 White259 (56.6%)
 Black/African American26 (5.7%)
 Asian169 (36.9%)
 Hispanic4 (0.9%)

BMI (kg/m2)1
 Mean (SD)25.4 (4.4)

Type of cancer, (%)
 Colon cancer300 (65.5%)
 Rectal cancer156 (34.1%)
 Other22 (0.4%)

Smoking status, (%)3
 Never smoked4201 (50.9%)
 Stopped smoking before surgery5133 (33.7%)
 Smoking at time of surgery661 (15.4%)

TNM stage of cancer, (%)7
 Tumour stage T018 (3.9%)
 T1a44 (9.6%)
 T1b34 (7.4%)
 T2a113 (24.7%)
 T2b55 (12.0%)
 T3145 (31.7%)
 T443 (9.4%)

 Node stage N0202 (44.1%)
 N1172 (37.6%)
 N266 (14.4%)
 N311 (2.4%)

 Metastasis stage M0411 (89.7%)
 M131 (6.8%)

Further details and by-country data provided in Supplemental Tables and . 1No information available due to missing height measurement for 1 patient (from USA). 2“Other” types documented for 2 patients, both specified by investigator as cancer of sigmoid colon. 3No information available for 63 patients. 4Less than 100 cigarettes in life. 5Permanently stopped smoking before colorectal resection surgery (before cancer was suspected or after cancer was suspected but before surgery). 6Current smoker at time of colorectal resection surgery (incl. patients who permanently stopped smoking after surgery). 7No information available for 6 patients. Additionally, node status is not evaluable for 1 patient; metastasis status is not evaluable for 10 patients. BMI: body mass index, Max: maximum value, Min: minimum value, : total number of patients, : number of patients observed, SD: standard deviation, and TNM classification system: Tumour Node Metastasis classification system.