Surgery Research and Practice / 2017 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Clinical Study on the Etiology of Postthyroidectomy Skin Sinus Formation

Table 1

Clinical characteristics.

Patient AgeGenderPrimary thyroid diseaseOperation time (min)Intraoperative bleeding (mL)Thyroid surgery appears to rupture pus timeSecretion bacterial cultureTotal durationCombined disease

152FemaleNG7818020 dStaphylococcusaureus4.5 yDiabetes
256Female NG559015 d3 yDiabetes
370FemaleNG associated with HT8421014 dStaphylococcusaureus,
streptococcus, anaerobes
2.5 yHypertension
450FemaleHT508021 d2 y
544FemaleNG5211011 dStaphylococcusaureus1 y

—: no bacterial culture or no combined disease; HT: Hashimoto’s disease; NG: nodular goiter; y: year.