Table 1: Risk factors and causes of Arterial Ischemic Stroke.


(1) Congenital
 (a) Dysrhythmias
 (b) Congenital heart disease
 (c) Cardiomyopathy
 (d) Cardiac tumours
(2) Acquired
 (a) Cardiomyopathy
 (b) Carditis
 (c) Arrhythmias
 (d) Artificial valves
 (e) Endocarditis
(3) Iatrogenic
 (a) Cardiac catheterization
 (b) Cardiac surgery/cardiopulmonary bypass
 (c) Carotid ligation


(1) Hemoglobinopathies
 (a) Sickle Cell Disease
 (b) Thalassemia
(2) Thrombophilia
 (a) Primary
 (b) Secondary
(3) Iron deficiency anemia
(4) Thrombocytopenia


(1) Meningitis
 (a) Viral, bacterial, fungal
 (b) Encephalitis


(1) Primary
 (a) Primary angiitis of CNS
(2) Secondary
 (a) Post-infectious
  (i) Varicella
  (ii) Other
 (b) Infectious
  (i) Encephalitis
  (ii) Meningitis
 (c) Associated with collagen vascular disease or systemic vasculitides

Other vasculopathies

(1) Transient/focal cerebral arteriopathy
(2) Down syndrome
(3) Fabry disease
(4) NF1
(5) PHACE syndrome
(6) Sickle Cell Disease
(7) Moya-Moya Disease (primary)
(8) Moya-Moya Syndrome (secondary)
 (a) Down syndrome
 (b) NF1
 (c) SCD
 (d) William syndrome
 (e) Post-irradiation
(9) Fibromuscular dysplasia
(10) Vasospasm
 (a) Migraine
 (b) Other
(11) Dissection


(1) Trauma
 (a) Dissection
 (b) Fat/air embolism
(2) Toxins/Drugs
 (a) Cocaine
 (b) L-asparaginase
 (c) Oral contraceptives
(3) Metabolic
 (a) Shock/dehydration
 (b) Carbohydrate deficient glycoprotein syndrome
 (c) Homocysteinuria