Table 6: Patients who received prophylaxis and outcome.

Basic diseaseAnticoagulant therapyProthrombotic risk factorsOutcome

Congenital adrenal hyperplasiaAspirinFV Leiden gene mutation in heterozygous form, MTHFR gene 677 TT homozygous mutation, elevated FVIII, FIX homocystein, and lipoprotein(a)Intracranial bleeding was diagnosed and the aspirin prophylaxis was ceased and no recurrence was observed during the follow-up period
Antiphospholipid antibody syndromeCoumadin, LMWHFV Leiden gene mutation, elevated FIXDied at the fourth ischemic stroke attack
Congenital heart diseaseAspirinElevated FVIII, FIX homocystein, and lipoprotein(a)No recurrence
B12 deficiency-related megaloblastic anemiaAspirinFV Leiden gene mutation MTHFR gene 677 TT mutation, elevated F VIII, and homocysteinNo recurrence
Congenital heart diseaseAspirinMTHFR gene 677 TT mutation, elevated F VIII, and homocysteinNo recurrence
Protein S deficiency-related sinus venous thrombosisLWMHProtein S deficiency, elevated triglycerideNo recurrence
Congenital heart diseaseAspirinNo recurrence
MoyamoyaAspirin MTHFR gene 677 TT homozygous mutation, elevated homocysteinNo recurrence
Protein S deficiency related sinus venous thrombosisLMWHProtein S deficiency, elevated F VIIINo recurrence
İdiopathicLMWHMTHFR gene 677 TT homozygous mutation, activated protein C resistanceNo recurrence
Receiving cyclosporine for renal transplantationLMWHNo recurrence
Bone marrow transplantation for beta thalassemia majorLMWHMTHFR gene 677 TT homozygous mutation, elevated homocystein Recurrence
İdiopathicAspirinMTHFR gene 677 TT mutationNo recurrence
Congenital heart diseaseAspirinProtein C deficiencyDied from congenital heart disease
Congenital heart diseaseLMWHElevated homocystein, protein C, and AT III deficiency Died from congenital heart disease
Rheumatismal heart disease related prosthetic valveCoumadinNo recurrence
Down syndrome and congenital heart diseaseCoumadinElevated homocystein, FVIII, FIXNo recurrence

prophylaxis was given after recurrence.