Table 4: Significant associations of day 5 markers of infection with serious infection.

Day 5 markers of infectionOR (95% CI) 𝑃

Procalcitonin day 5 ≥ 0.07 ng/mL51.2 (4.1–642.0).002
Interleukin-6 day 5 ≥ 6.9 pg/mL33.6 (2.1–547.0).014
White blood cells day 5 ≥ 7.45 Gpt/L24.7 (1.8–346.0).017

Binary logistic regression was used to calculate 𝑃 values and adjusted odds ratios (with 95% confidence intervals). The reference thresholds for dichotomization of the inflammatory markers were selected based on a receiver operating characteristic curve to identify a level that most accurately distinguished presence and absence of infection or severe infection.