Table 1: The concourse statements.

Statement numberStatementStatement numberStatement

1I was thankful I had been given this warning sign21I didn’t realise how much I’d been affected by what happened
2Not being able to speak or communicate for a while afterwards was particularly upsetting22I became very depressed after it happened
3Since what happened, my head feels fuzzy and I can’t think clearly23My memory was affected afterwards
4People thought I was making a fuss about nothing24Every part of my life was affected by what happened
5The healthcare staff didn’t know much about my condition so didn’t take it seriously25I let what happened take over my life and control what I did
6I kept thinking how lucky I had been not to have had a full stroke26The impact of what happened went on for some time
7Afterwards I was nervous about going out socially because I felt awkward and embarrassed27I didn’t feel any different afterwards
8I was back doing normal things shortly afterwards28I was scared about the long-term effects of what happened
9My friends seemed to avoid me afterwards29I felt overwhelmed by anxiety afterwards
10The numbness in my face afterwards really worried me30I felt my family was a bit irritated with me afterwards
11The health care staff really knew what to do to help me31What happened made me re-think what’s important to me
12I felt really angry and resentful afterwards32I found the weakness in my arm afterwards very distressing
13I felt that I was somehow to blame for what happened33I lost all confidence in my body afterwards
14When it happened I didn’t really know what it was34Afterwards, I felt really frustrated about what I could and couldn’t do
15After it happened, I kept thinking I would have a stroke35I felt I was a bit of a burden on my family afterwards
16Afterwards I felt OK, but others noticed a change in me36When it happened, I felt reminded of my age
17I really appreciated my family a lot more afterwards37I improved my lifestyle as a result of what happened
18I felt I was wasting the doctor’s time when it happened38Afterwards, I was tired all the time
19I have no idea what to do in order to prevent it happening again39I couldn’t sleep for worry afterwards
20I was very withdrawn afterwards