Research Article

Does a History of Migraine Affect the Rate of Thrombolysis in Young Stroke Patients?

Table 3

Logistic regression analysis displaying factors associated with thrombolytic therapy (rTPA) in all young AIS patients and young AIS patients admitted within the thrombolytic time window.

All patientsAdmitted within 270 min
OR95% CI OR95% CI

Time from ictus to admission in hours0.900.83–0.980.020.940.84–1.060.32
NIHSS on admission1.090.99––1.170.17
Total risk factor score0.560.27––1.130.09

AIS: acute ischaemic stroke; NIHSS: National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; OR: odds ratio; CI: confidence interval.
There was an association between migraine and a low rate of received rTPA treatment in young patients with acute ischaemic stroke.