Research Article

Long-Term Use of a Static Hand-Wrist Orthosis in Chronic Stroke Patients: A Pilot Study

Table 1

Orthosis wearing time, experienced comfort, and the reported cointerventions in addition to the use of the orthosis.

PatientWearing time per 24 hoursDay/night useReported comfortCointervention

14–6 hoursDayPoorHandmaster
2>8 hoursNightPoorNone
30 hours (nonuse)Very poorMedication, home exercises
4>8 hoursNightPoorPhysical therapy
56–8 hoursDayVery poorPhysical therapy, home exercises
6>8 hoursDayGoodPhysical therapy, home exercises
7>8 hoursDayGoodHome exercises
80 hours (nonuse)PoorHome exercises
9>8 hoursDayGoodPhysical therapy
10>8 hoursDayGoodMedication, physical therapy, home exercises
11>8 hoursNightGoodPhysical therapy