Table 4: Univariate relationships between Cog-4 and baseline variables and day 90 functional outcome. Association by Spearman’s rank correlation for continuous variables and Somer’s for categorical variables. Patients who died were assigned a score of 10 on the Cog-4 in the analysis with death included.


 Age0.139<0.001 0.254<0.001
 Sex, female0.0350.004 0.032 0.005
 Atrial fibrillation0.133<0.001 0.210<0.001
 Diabetes mellitus0.0110.447 0.053<0.001
 Hypertension0.0300.019 0.045<0.001
 Previous stroke or TIA0.034 0.015 0.075<0.001
 History of smoking0.0560.006−0.149<0.001
 Stroke severity (NIHSS)0.503<0.001 0.505<0.001
 Stroke type (IS, PICH)0.0440.288 0.141<0.001
 Left hemisphere stroke0.206<0.001 0.017<0.001
Functional outcomes
 Modified Rankin Scale0.512<0.001 0.772<0.001
 Barthel Index−0.493<0.001−0.766<0.001

Significant on multiple variable analysis.
IS: ischaemic stroke; PICH: primary intracerebral haemorrhage.
2 : 2-sided value.
: correlation coefficient.