Stroke Research and Treatment / 2021 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Incidence, Prehospital Evaluation, and Presentation of Ischemic Stroke at a Nonurban Comprehensive Stroke Center

Table 2

EMS time parameters for all patients and patients with a final diagnosis of stroke.

All patientsStroke patients
2019 (pre-COVID-19)2020 (COVID-19 era) value2019 (pre-COVID-19)2020 (COVID-19 era) value

LKW to dispatch (median, IQR)67 (19–347)126 (12–310)70 (23–441)126 (11.5–291.5)
Time on scene (median, IQR)16 (11.5–21)14 (10–17)17 (11.5–21.25)14 (13–17.5)
Dispatch to ED (median, IQR)45 (34–50.5)45 (39–54)44.5 (34–49)52 (42–59)

All times in minutes. LKW: last known well; ED: emergency department. Mann–Whitney U test was used to compare EMS time parameters.