Research Article

RELAP5/MOD3.3 Best Estimate Analyses for Human Reliability Analysis

Table 4

Sequence of main events for LOFW calculations.

ScenarioTime (s)
Analyzed cases (AFW delay)30 minutes40 minutes50 minutes60 minutes70 minutes

Main feedwater closure0.
Rx trip signal generation52.952.952.952.952.9
Turbine trip52.952.952.952.952.9
Steam dump discharge30–61730–61730–61730–61730–617
SI signal generation616.9616.9616.9616.9616.9
Steam line 1 and 2 isolation617.0617.0617.0617.0617.0
RCP 1 and 2 trip1587.21587.21587.21587.21587.2
AFW 1 start (by assumption)18052405300536054205
SG PORV first discharge18552460306036604260
HPSI pump injection start20202560301036304300
HPSI termination24504585559465127372