Research Article

RELAP5/MOD3.3 Best Estimate Analyses for Human Reliability Analysis

Table 6

Coolant injection times for LOCA calculations with/without SI signal.

Time (second)
Break size5.08 cm15.24 cm
Analyzed case2”2” A2” B6”6” A6” B
(delay of manual SI signal)(N.A.)(20 minutes)(40 minutes)(N.A.)(20 minutes)(30 minutes)

Accumulator no. 1 injection1802.21557.61802.2189.0189.0189.0
Accumulator no. 2 injection1802.01560.61802.0188.9188.9188.9
Accumulator no. 1 isolation8612.37115.18278.6625.9625.9625.9
Accumulator no. 2 isolation8612.37115.08279.2625.7625.7625.7
HPSI 1 and 2 first injectionN.A.12222422N.A.12031803
LPSI 1 and 2 first injectionN.A.9920N.A.N.A.12031803