Research Article

Trace Code Validation for BWR Spray Cooling Injection and CCFL Condition Based on GÖTA Facility Experiments

Table 2

View factors from the GÖTA documentation [3].

Rod group 1Rod group 2Rod group 3Rod group 4Rod group 5Canister wall

Rod group 10,19320,10100,20330,01300,00000,4895
Rod group 20,07270,18990,33340,02570,00240,3759
Rod group 30,11700,26670,30260,24980,01430,0496
Rod group 40,01250,03420,41640,33530,19130,0103
Rod group 50,00000,00960,07160,57390,33860,0063
Canister wall0,41890,44700,07360,00920,00180,0495