Review Article

Overview and Discussion of the OECD/NRC Benchmark Based on NUPEC PWR Subchannel and Bundle Tests

Table 4

Geometry and power shape for bundle test assemblies for void distribution benchmark.


Rods array5 × 55 × 55 × 5
Number of heated rods252524
Number of thimble rods001
Heated rod outer diameter (mm)9.509.509.50
Thimble rod outer diameter (mm)12.24
Heated rods pitch (mm)12.6012.6012.60
Axial heated length (mm)365836583658
Flow channel inner width (mm)64.964.964.9
Radial power shapeAAB
Axial power shapeUniformCosineCosine
Number of MV spacers777
Number of NMV spacers222
Number of simple spacers888
MV spacer location (mm)471, 925, 1378, 1832, 2285, 2739, 3247
NMV spacer location (mm)2.5, 3755
Simple spacer location (mm)237, 698, 1151, 1605, 2059, 2512, 2993, 3501

White circles: heated rod and circles with dots: thimble rod.
MV: mixing vane and NMV: non-mixing vane.
Spacer location is the distance from the bottom of heated length to spacer bottom face.