Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations / 2014 / Article / Tab 6

Review Article

Compilation of Existing Neutron Screen Technology

Table 6

HFIR irradiation parameters for proposed tripin concept [23].


Fast (>0.1 MeV) neutron flux in irradiation volume1.2 · 1015 n/cm2·sec
(a) Annual3 fast (>0.1 MeV) neutron fluence at peak irradiation position1.6 · 1022 n/cm2
(b) Burnup/year5.9%
(c) dpa19.5
Fuel burnup-to-clad dpa ratio at peak irradiation position0.3 atoms % per dpa
Fast (>0.1 MeV) to thermal (here <0.625 eV) flux ratio400
He-to-dpa ratio in iron at peak irradiation position0.2 appm He per dpa
Linear heat rate (variable, depending upon design of Eu2O3 shield)300 W/cm

Annual estimates are conservatively based on seven cycles per year.