Research Article

An Evaluation of SMR Economic Attractiveness

Table 1

Scenario input data to INCAS test cases.


Plant operating lifetime (years)6060Same technology enhancement and reliability [8] assumed for LR and SMR.
Estimated construction period (years)5 [9] 3Reduced construction time for SMR due to reduced size and assuming design simplification [10].
Overnight construction cost (€/kWe)4000Estimated from LR capital costs [10] LR [1113].
Operation and maintenance cost (€/MWh)9 [14]10.8SMR O&M cost estimated from LR [15] (SMR/LR ratio = 1.2x).
Fuel cycle cost (€/MWh)6.7 [8]6.7Same fuel cost for SMR: longer core life, but higher enrichment and poorer neutron economy (leakages).
Decontam. & decommissioning sinking fund (€/MWh)35.9SMR decommissioning cost estimated from LR cost [16, 17] (SMR/LR ratio = 2x).
Electricity price (€/MWh)8080
Plant availability93%95%Based on estimations for GenIII/GenIII+ LR [1] and SMR [18].