Table 6: PWR accidental fission products release fractions in LOCA.

Nuclide groupPWR release fraction
Cladding failure (cladding gap release)
(0.5 h)
Core melt (in-vessel release)
(1.3 hours)

Noble gases (Kr, Xe)0.050.95
Halogens (I, Br)0.050.35
Alkali metals (Cs, Rb)0.050.25
Tellurium group (Te, Sb, Se)00.05
Barium, strontium (Ba, Sr)00.02
Noble metals (Ru, Rh, Pd, Mo, Tc, and Co)00.0025
Cerium group (Ce, Pu, Np)00.0005
Lanthanides (La, Zr, Nd, Eu, Nb, Pm, Pr, Sm, Y, Cm, and Am)00.0002

Data from Soffer et al. (1995).