Research Article

Conceptual Study on Recriticality Prevention Core Having Duplex Pellets with Neutron Absorber in Outer Core in a Fast Reactor

Table 1

Core specifications of normal core and the core having Duplex pellets with neutron absorber.

ItemNormal core without Duplex pelletsCore having Duplex pellets with neutron absorber in the outer core fuel

Reactor power (MWt)36003600
Core height (cm)8080
Number of assemblies in inner/outer core316/278316/278
Assembly pitch183.2183.2
Diameter of fuel pin8.88.8
Pu contents (wt%) in inner/outer core18.3/22.918.3/22.9
Number of fuel pins in an assembly271271
Thickness of wrapper tube (mm)55
Neutron absorber material in Duplex pellet-Gd2O3
Diameter of center hole in Duplex pellet (mm)-1
Location of assemblies with Duplex pellets-Outer core
Filling rate of neutron absorber material (%)-60