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Experimental Study on the Softening Characteristics of Sandstone and Mudstone in Relation to Moisture Content

Table 4

Parameter variations of micropores of sandstone and mudstone with different moisture content.

Binary imagesSEM imagesNumber of microporesTotal area of micropores (μm∧2)Area of maximum micropore (μm∧2)Diameter of maximum micropore (μm)Surface porosity (%)

Figure 10(a)Figure 9(a)186174.3015.212.553.11
Figure 10(b)Figure 9(b)275195.3311.467.433.49
Figure 10(c)Figure 9(c)305300.4724.5512.815.38
Figure 10(d)Figure 9(d)394579.2627.5010.7911.4
Figure 12(a)Figure 11(a)130104.6314.435.761.87
Figure 12(b)Figure 11(b)297418.3125.4611.157.46