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Research Article

Seismic Capacity Assessment of Confined Brick Masonry Building: An Experimental Approach

Table 2

Description of damage progression for the original building.

Story drift (%)Damage descriptionGoverning failure modeReferenced figure

0.093Diagonal hairline cracks at lintel level of P1, P2, P3 & P5Shear6(a)
0.16Diagonal cracks passing through P1. At P2 & P5 diagonal cracks starting from the base and ending at the windowRocking and vertical splitting6(b)
0.34Diagonal shear cracks at P1. Vertical cracks in P5Shear and diagonal tension6(c)
0.65Scissor cracks over east wallMixed compression and shear6(d)
0.73Combination of vertical, horizontal, and radial cracks at the eastward wallGlobal/local rocking and shear6(e)