Table 1: Sum of RSoV for 36 (1-element) feature vectors of vibration data.

Type of featureSum of RSoV (m/s2)

Number of feature vectors123456
Healthy CM287.42288.53296.34308.78309.51305.79
Number of feature vectors789101112
Healthy CM310.77295295.47313.30315311.01
Number of feature vectors131415161718
CM with broken rotor coil332.58342.55328.39329.98349.67333.64
Number of feature vectors192021222324
CM with broken rotor coil335.80328.68298.08307.28303.66317.85
Number of feature vectors252627282930
CM with broken tooth on sprocket947.04915.37917.93940.20902.59923.26
Number of feature vectors313233343536
CM with broken tooth on sprocket891.13935.14926.75904.45907.83919.94