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Controlling Effects of Residual Deformation on Pore Pressure: A Loess Soil Case

Table 5

Correlation coefficients between laboratory data of external loading (EL), residual deformation (RD), and pore pressure (PP).

Sample number/testing typeCorrelation coefficientRemark

1/US0.60210.2154−0.6103Response process
0.97800.96570.9416No. 1Single stage
0.95210.64260.7682No. 2
0.8346−0.7284−0.9751No. 3

4/SS0.56010.74800.9421Response process
0.96200.93430.9923No. 1Single stage
0.98150.94310.9987No. 2
0.96450.96980.9965No. 3
−0.8623−0.80920.9634No. 4

7/SD−0.0316−0.05980.7257Response process
0.2256−0.00240.9454No. 1Single stage
0.07450.01470.9365No. 2
0.0082−0.00590.7973No. 3

9/UD0.81600.45550.8355Response process
0.98540.59710.6199No. 1Single stage
0.94150.71650.8313No. 2
0.94240.73080.8436No. 3

Average value of all stages0.74710.62000.8930Absolute value