Table 3: Combined evaluation results of the quality assurance training courses, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, July–September 2011.

Evaluation questionCombined responses from the pilot course and four trainings
Reponses Participants’ comments

Overall, how confident are you that the target audience can learn about QA after having attended this course?Very confident/confident99% (72)“Great job! Please continue this class. It was very informative and I learned a lot.”
“Identified a number of good suggestions on how to improve my states level of accuracy with new tools provided by different topic speakers.”

How effective will the QA process (as described in this course) help you conduct QA in your job?Very effective/effective 100% (73)“I learned a great deal from this pilot. This course will be valuable to the states and will lead to great discussions and changes in the way QA is performed. This will therefore lead to great improvement in the quality of the data.”

How effective will the tools be in helping you conduct QA in your job?Very effective/effective93% (66)“Very informative—lots of info I can actually use and apply to day-to-day activities (i.e., tools)”