Research Article

Nurses’ Roles and Experiences with Enhancing Adherence to Tuberculosis Treatment among Patients in Burundi: A Qualitative Study

Table 1

Presentation of categories and subcategories.


(i) Treatment adherence overall situation Understanding of treatment adherence
(ii) Understanding of the impact of gender issues on treatment
(iii) Understanding of HIV/AIDS effects on TB incidence and treatment
(iv) Understanding of prerequisites for increased adherence

(i) Enhancing knowledge through education and information to patientsPractical work to support treatment
(ii) Provision of medication, DOT, and treatment followup
(iii) Maintaining a positive attitude and relationship with patients

(i) Food insecurityPerceived reasons for interrupted treatment
(ii) Relief from symptoms
(iii) Poverty
(iv) Indiscipline

(i) Nurses’ personal feelings combined with increased risks of infection Mixed emotional feelings
(ii) Nurses perception of patients feelings