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Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 129-140

The Development of Rolling Textures in Low-Carbon Steels

Technical Research Center, Nippon Kokan Co. Ltd., 210 Kawasaki-shi, Japan

Received 1 June 1972

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The crystallite orientation distribution analysis was applied to the study of the development of the rolling textures in low-carbon steels. It was found that the constraining effect of the grain boundary remarkably influences the rolling textures of polycrystalline iron. This enhances the crystal rotations, which would not be expected to occur in single crystals; and grains having the {110}112 orientations are forced to rotate about the 111axes lying in the sheet normal direction toward the {110}110 orientations. This is the origin of the 111 fiber texture normally found in the rolling textures of low-carbon steels. The presence of the partial fiber texture having the 111 axes inclined 30 deg from the sheet normal toward the rolling direction could not be confirmed.