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Texture of Crystalline Solids
Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 149-168

Plastic Deformation and Crystalline Texture in Equibiaxial Expansion

Center for Research in Metallurgy (C.R.M.), Liège, Belgium

Received 14 December 1978

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The classical three-dimensional analysis (O.D.F.) has been extended in such a manner as to obtain the representation of the texture, and, more precisely, the distribution of the slip systems <111> {hk} in the planes where shear stresses induced in equibiaxial expansion are maximum.

Quantification of the slip systems configuration allows the development of a deformation model which takes into account the factors influencing the degree of stretchability of the steels. From this model it is possible to define true hardening rates and equibiaxiality coefficients characterizing the ability of the steel to distribute the deformation in the macroscopic shear planes.

In association with the resistance to thinning defined by the configuration of the slip systems, the theoretical treatment makes it possible to grade different steels according to their experimental behavior.